Payment Terms
We will provide an invoice based on the order given and require a deposit of ½ of the total before any work is to begin.
The balance (if any) will be due upon pickup of products.
Non Payment of orders will go to collections and credit reporting.

Production Times
Production times on average range from 10-14 business days depending on the season.
Winter is slower and we can get things out faster. Feb-July is our busy season and orders may take up to 20 days to be completed.
So please plan accordingly-allow at least 20 days before an event to place an order. Please schedule pick up a few days before the event just incase there are errors that we will have time to fix or replace being the worst case scenerio.

Rush orders will incur a charge of 15% of the total and still may be refused depending on existing production schedule.

Customer Supplied Items
The only exception to this is apparel that we are unable to order.
For Example- Certain Brands of Athletic Apparel, Running/Biking Gear, and Hockey Jerseys.

Customer Supplied items WILL NOT be replaced or credit given on order if anything goes wrong in the printing process. (Burns, Shadows, off-set printing, Ect.)

We will not accept customer provided T-Shirts, Hoodies, or any other products that we can order in ourselves. These products ordered in will be replaced by us if anything goes wrong in the printing process at no additional cost to you.

Embroidery Orders that involve personalization, monograms, or specialty items can be brought in.

Artwork Created by BD Apparel
All artwork created by BD Apparel is owned by BD Apparel.
If you hire us to create a design, you are strictly paying for the time, and labor to produce the artwork.
You are NOT paying for the ownership and rights of the artwork.
Any artwork you submit to us that is in a print ready version (AI, Vector, EPS) is owned by you and we will not reproduce your artwork without your consent.

Art Designs & Set Up
We do not use ANY Microsoft applications as a print ready file. (Word, Excel, Paint, ect…)
We charge a fee of $25 for text only or clip art files. (Simplified Designs)

Creation of new art with any other details that is not given to us in a print ready version will be billed at $75 per hour. This includes but is not limited to photos, complex multicolor designs, hand drawn pictures, and so on.

Art Approval
All artwork must be approved through email. We allow 1 minor change to the art with no additional charge. Any additional revisions past that point will be billed as edits with a $15 charge.
Major changes to the artwork will increase turnaround times for orders.
We are not responsible for errors in the logo, misspellings, colors or anything else once the art is approved.

Specialty Applications
Printing over anything with zippers and seams will never produce a good clean print.
This includes any split logos on the front of Zip Hoodies, Jerseys, or any other items that have seams running through the location of the print or transfer and also includes embroidered items.
Returns, Credits, and Reordering of the item Will Not be issued for these services.
Applications such as Foil, Liquid Shimmer Ink, and Glow in the Dark inks do not hold up as well as plastisol or water based inks. We will not be liable for minor fading or dulling of these items and will not issue credit or replace any items on the order.

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